Early Highlights from Spartan Games

Long before MudGear was a business, we were obstacle course racers and enthusiasts (still are). As fans of OCR and the elite athletes who dominate it, we’ve been pumped since the announcement of The Spartan Games. If you’ve somehow missed the news, picture a mashup of OCR, Crossfit, and Broken Skull Challenge with Spartan’s branding, resources, and production value. Come on, people. How can you not get excited? 

 Spartan Games

24 elite athletes (12 men/12 women) are competing for $100,000 in a five-day invitation-only event consisting of what Spartan calls "grueling mental and physical feats. So, it's more than a race. Not only does the cast include most of the OCR elites you’d expect to see like Ryan Atkins, Hunter McIntyre, Ryan Kent, Lindsay Webster, Rea Kolbl, and Nicole Mericle, we’ll also get to see how they stack up against an American Ninja Warrior star, a CrossFit World Champion, Olympic triathlete and even an NFL linebacker.

Spartan’s YouTube channel (and probably other platforms) will stream the official docuseries for the 5-day competition later this winter, but social media highlights have looked awesome!

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