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After so many of our favorite races were cancelled last year, many of us were eager to attend every big race possible in 2021 - especially the championships! Unfortunately, two of the biggest OCRs in North America are both schedule for the last weekend in September. As bummed as fans and open racers might be, actual champion contenders must be especially disappointed. Former OCRWC Champion and current Spartan North American Champion, Lindsay Webster posted about the scheduling conflict. 

Whyyy does @spartan Norams have to be the same weekend as @ocrwc!! Anyone else rattled? As athletes, I think these are two of the biggest goals we work towards all year long. Spartan’s contract with Tahoe has them tied in to that weekend. OCRWC announced their 2021 dates ages ago. No fault of either companies, I suppose they’re probably as rattled about it as us athletes are as it’s in neither of our best interests.

Always gracious, Lindsay points out that the scheduling conflict is nobody's fault. That doesn't mean we have to like it. The truth is most of us would love to attend, compete it, or events from both weekend, but it looks like several athletes will have to choice. Will Lindsay defend her Spartan title or will she and husband, Ryan Atkins stay closer to home? 

For Ryan and I, we’re hoping to attend @ocrwc... it’s one of the most fun races of the year, Vermont is basically in our backyard, and we don’t have to acclimate to altitude 🙋‍♀️ but we also love Tahoe, and then I’ll have to give up my @spartanrace Noram champ title 😂 Which will everyone else be at?

The majority of responses to Lindsay's question suggests Vermont is the place to be this September. Maybe it's the difference between world vs. continental competition. Or maybe people are choosing OCRWC because Stratton Village has such an awesome vibe whenever OCR is in town. Either way, MudGear will keep a close eye on the happening at both events and celebrating that the races are even happening.

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