Tiffany Palmer


DOB: 1/11/85
Residence: Gambrills, Maryland



Tiffany Palmer became a competitive athlete as a 5-year-old speed skater. Winning gold at the Junior Olympics lit a fire for competition in Tiffany which led her to play every sport imaginable growing up. Tiff discovered OCR in 2016… hitting the podium at her first race. Since then, she has won or finished top-3 at dozens of prestigious races. Along with racing, Tiffany has attained her personal training certificate and now coaches at The Endurance Factory, a gym geared toward OCR athletes and bettering humans day-by-day.


Significant OCR Accomplishments

  • 1st place Co-Ed Team; 2017 OCR World Championships
  • Top 15; 2017 Spartan Race World Championship
  • 3rd Place American, 15k-Pro; 2018 OCR World Championship


Fun Facts

  • Competitive speed skater at Junior Olympics
  • Loves every form of Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, Cashew Butter…any butter
  • Competed on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge (Season 4)


Favorite Quote

“Work until your idols become your rivals.”

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