Ultra-OCR Man: The Documentary


Ultra-OCR Man : The Documentary


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“Speed up, slow down or maintain the same pace. That’s it. Those are your three options once you start.” Evan “Ultra-OCR Man” Perperis, an athlete known for pushing his limits in the field of endurance shares that bit of advice for the camera after running an Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) marathon everyday for multiple days in a row in the middle of the movie “Ultra-OCR Man”.

The film was shot, edited and produced by Bobby Ross, the same filmmaker who filmed MudGear’s "Made Tougher" commercial. The 24-minute documentary was a project three years in the making and covers two of Evan’s ultra-endurance events he attempted for charity. This includes running an Ultra-
OCR at “21,000 feet of elevation” and attempted to run 8 OCR marathons in 8 days at 8 different venues in winter. All of this to raise money for the charity “Folds of Honor”, scholarship money for kids whose parents were killed or wounded in US military service.

If you are looking for a shot of motivation to power you through training or your next race, this is it. The volume of endurance training it takes to prepare for these events and then attempt to complete is simply staggering. If you aren’t an OCR athlete, you’ll find a look at the sport fun, educating and perhaps the push you need to dip your toe into the OCR world. If you are an athlete, OCR or otherwise, the deep dive into the psyche of someone who applies lessons from combat deployments into his racing will be fascinating. Regardless, the short film will fire you up to run long, train hard or simply shave off a couple more pounds while training.

While the world of OCR is known for producing a lot of content, we haven’t seen a lot of professionally produced videos since Spartan’s NBC deal, Tough Mudder’s CBS deal and the documentary “Rise of the Sufferfests”. Check out Ultra-OCR Man, but we are warning you now…it may cause excessive levels of motivation.


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