War-X Trilogy in a Word...BOOM!

Aliyah Emas won the Most Extreme Athlete medal and was the ONLY woman to earn 3 of 3 bands at WAR-X Trilogy 2022. So, we asked Aliyah to fill us in on why we all need to add War-X to next season's race calendar. 




All sounds you must quickly get used to at War-X

It is not the most conventional race event by any means, but it sure packs a punch…literally. And that is what makes War-X so unique. It combines racing with a very immersive battlefield twist. Seeing as it is veteran owned and operated, all events are designed by military veterans who know first-hand what it takes to overcome adversity. Their mission is to create a live combat atmosphere that provides a unique experience allowing individuals to test themselves, regardless of athletic ability and experience.

The Breakdown

War-X Trilogy weekend is comprised of 3 events over the course of two days. Participate in all 3 and earn the coveted Trilogy Medal and dog tags.

To kickstart the weekend’s events was Saturday Morning's 6-7mile Competitive Obstacle Course Race. It was a brisk, cold morning. All the racers were bundled up trying to stay warm for as long as possible, delaying the inevitable. AKA, the strip down to race gear.

A call to the racers got them right and ready to head to the start line. Unlike other races, there is no typical “3…2…1… GO!” Instead, a deep deafening blast echoed through the start line several hundred feet away, but close enough to rattle your bones. With racers alert and the start of explosions erupting all around, a final “POP POP POP” sent the racers out onto the course.  

Navigating their way through 700 acres of intense southern Ohio terrain, racers encountered gun fire, explosions, and flames. Running and completing obstacles is normal for this crowd, but maintaining focus and composure while encountering various elements that simulate a war zone, now that is new territory for most. Some might be more or less effected by the blasts, but it still likely creates a mental obstacle.

Besides the intense atmosphere, there was also an interactive element. While running the course, racers had the opportunity to shoot a gun, throw a smoke grenade, or light up the sky with a flame thrower. That is something you never experience at any other race. And the race crew were extremely good at making people feel comfortable with something they may have never done before.

The interactive element was also seen in the Saturday Evening 3k OCR. This event was non-competitive, and was more for fun and shooting. Participants had the opportunity to run a shorter course AND shoot an AR-15 round at a target. Everything was supervised and each runner had a station they would come to where a crew member would provide one-on-one instruction and assistance. This created a very safe environment for all ages and experience levels.

Lastly, there was the 5k Trail Run Sunday Morning. Again, a little cool, but not horrible for just running and no water obstacles. This event was fairly straightforward and noncompetitive, which made for a nice relaxed conclusion to the weekend’s events. The trail run didn’t have the gunfire or blasts, but if you wanted to learn more about shooting and try hitting targets, all you had to do was ask.

Running, Obstacles, Gunfire: What more could you ask for?

War-X is truly a unique and epic experience, all the way from their obstacles right down to their explosive, gunfire raging race. To top off their explosive experience, War-X also gives back to their community. The race organization partners with Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW), which is a non-profit volunteer-run organization that works to honor, empower, and motivate America’s wounded military service members. All proceeds from War-X Trilogy weekend will go directly to supporting OEW. Events like the Trilogy weekend are created to help raise donations, create public awareness, and gain support for OEW. Not to mention that the War-X battle ground is the official training site for OEW and their masked athlete team.

So, if you haven’t checked out this race, we highly recommend you give War-X a shot…pun intended!

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