Just Weeks Until Western States

After a 2020 cancellation, the legendary Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run returns to Auburn, California, June 26-27. Just winning an invite is half the battle. These racers have secured their spots and are gearing up for the big day. 

Back-to-back winner (2018, 2019) and current record holder, Jim Walmsley will be there. 


Boulder resident and vegan blogger, Abby Hall can't wait.  


While running 100 miles isn't exactly fun, Clare knew the training would be equally miserable.


A lot of diehard endurance fans have named Jared Hazen the favorite. 


Laura Chancellor is all types of encouraging to her fellow runners. 


Misery loves company, but Brittany Peterson and participants in the Western States Training Camp don't look miserable at all.  



Hayden Hawks knows it's important to taper before a big race like this. 


Finally, Beth Pascall reminds us to stop and enjoy the view every once in awhile. 

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