Western States Golden Hour

Imagine running over 99 miles but fretting whether you will cross the 100 mile finish line before the 30 hour cutoff. Bodies are broken and emotions are on high during that final hour… aka, "The Golden Hour." 

Jamil Coury's team at Steep Life Media captured great footage of The Golden Hour finishers at the 2021 Western States 100. One of the most inspiring sites has to be watching Sean Mullett in the final minutes of the race. This videos shows Mullett delirious from extreme heat and struggling to walk upright presumably due to pains and ceased muscles.  

The video captures the incredible spirit of support that surrounds the Western States 100 and runs throughout all of ultra running. We especially love seeing 2016 WS Champ, Kaci Lickteig (blue shoes, tropical shirt) among the small army of friends and supporters that guided Sean to the finish line. 

Congrats to all of this year's winners and finishers! 

Men's Podium

  1. Jim Walmsley
  2. Tyler Green
  3. Drew Holeman

Women's Podium

  1. Beth Pascall
  2. Ruth Croft
  3. Ragna Debats

Watch American Trail Running Association's highlights from the 2021 Western States 100. 

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