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Expectations for the 2022 World's Toughest Mudder were all over the place. Many predicted more mileage than the previous year's race in Laughlin, NV, due to this year's cooler location in Atmore, Alabama. However, overnight temperatures wouldn't just be cool; they'd be wet and cold (mid/upper 30s). The inevitable addition of a wetsuit along with the typical physical responses to near freezing temperatures made a fairly strong case for a more modest performance. However, for this year's crop of elite female competitors, mediocrity was hardly the case.


The Top Story has to be Kris Rugloski becoming the first woman to complete 100 miles of obstacles (5 mile laps x 20) during the 24 hour sufferfest. MUDGEAR WAS HONORED TO FILM KRIS's 100th MILE!

It was clear that achieving 100 mile was Kris's main goal long before race day. In pre-race interviews, she regularly insisted that she would achieve the landmark mileage while being less eager to predict victory. She apparently knew that women across the board would be upping their mileage. 



Most followers recognized Kris as the top contender next to 2021 WTM Champ, Katy Knight. The rest of the field included a respectable list of accomplished runners. Among them, Jenny Overstreet showed up with a number of ultra marathons under her belt. Her longest race, however, was a 50-mile trail run. Her single-day obstacle mileage was even less. Still, Jenny found herself fighting for a top three finish among the sport's most talented women and handicapped by a heartbreaking mistake.

It's tempting to play the "what if" game. What if Jenny hadn't left her timing chip behind? Would she have placed second? Those mental exercises only twist the knife of disappointment even more. At the end of the day, Katy Knight reminded us why she is a force of nature in all things strength and speed. Meanwhile, Jenny Overstreet almost doubled her single day running mileage at one of the most taxing obstacle races on the planet. It's hard to stay disappointed for long. 

As for our winner, her star keeps rising. Kris Rugloski continues to secure her legacy as one the most well-rounded hybrid athletes of our time.


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