How to Start Running

by Morris "Mo" Brossette | It is, after all, a large majority of an obstacle course race. However, it can be one of the hardest skills to master, unless you do it properly. I am talking about running of course. As an endurance coach I have successfully coached many athletes to a successful running career,... Continue Reading →

How to Climb a Rope

by Morris "Mo" Brossette | It is one of the main obstacles that strikes fear in many OCR athletes, and is one of the primary obstacles athletes ask to work on when they come to one of my clinics or classes. The rope climb…  Usually placed near the end of a race and likely just... Continue Reading →


A Mudman Pro Tip from Kevin "Mudman" LaPlatney  Some of the most important training for OCR doesn’t necessarily require any fancy equipment or expensive gym membership.  And most of these routines can be done at home or at the local park, with simple supplies that you might already have, or can easily create on the cheap.... Continue Reading →


Just because the weather has shifted and the OCR season has wrapped up in most parts of the country, that doesn’t mean that we have to resort to indoor gyms or fall into a winter fitness hibernation. The truth is, this “off-season” period is the most important time to focus on addressing weaknesses. You need... Continue Reading →


2016 is here, and before we know it the obstacle racing season will be blooming with the Spring flowers (and mud). So if you’ve made it past the first step of New Year fitness Resolutions and signed up for your first OCR, congrats! Whether it’s a competitive BattleFrog or Spartan Race, or a more fun and party... Continue Reading →

5 Areas of OCR Fitness

Kevin "Mudman" LaPlatney shares some routines that can be done at home or at the local park with simple supplies that you might already have, or can easily create on the cheap.  1. ANIMAL MOVEMENTS (BEAR CRAWL, CRAB WALK, ALLIGATOR CRAWL, ETC.) If other creatures have perfected their movements to be fast and agile on... Continue Reading →

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