Sandbag Tips

Sandbag tips

How to set up and train with your MudGear Sandbag


Warning - Do not overfill your sandbag

Some emplty space is required to provide the intended loose and shifty load. An overfilled sandbag is also more likely to cause failure of the stitching.

Your MudGear Sandbag is built to hold a maximum of 60lbs of sand. However, many athletes will fill their bag with only 30-40 lbs of sand to start. You can always up your weight when you feel the time is right.

Filling the Inner Bag

  • On the top of the bag, you'll find a heavy duty zipper running the length of the bag and concealed by a protective lip of fabric.
  • Unzip the main bag, and remove the internal filler bag.
  • Unfold the filler bag to reveal a double hook & loop closure on one end. Make sure the bag is completely unfolded, and open the last hook & loop closure at the very edge of the bag.
  • Hold the bag open or enlist the help of a friend as you fill the bag with dry sand.
    1. The video demonstrates one person filling it himself. However, spills happen. So, get an assist if its available.
  • NOTE: The video demonstrates filling with powdery sand. However, we recommend filling with coarse beach sand. Otherwise, as the video demonstrates, powdery sand gets everywhere and can even escape the porous inner bag. There's no need to raid your nearest beach for quality sand. Stop by your local lawn and garden center to pick up a bag that you can easily pour into your filler bag. 60lbs. of beach sand is about 4.5 gallons.
    1. Do not use concrete mix or the like as it will harden if ever made wet.
  • Once you've filled the filler bad to your preferred weight, carefully pinch close the hook & loop closure at the end of the bag.
  • Fold the end slightly and squeeze seal the second hook & loop closure strip.
  • Return the filler bag to the inside of the main bag.
  • Zip close the main workout bag, and conceal the zipper.

Take Care

Take Care of Your Sandbag

The MudGear Sandbag is built tough to withstand tons of abuse. However, there are some "best practices" to make sure your bag lasts a long time.

  • Do not wash or dry. Instead, wipe the bag clean with a wet cloth as seen in the GETTING STARTED video. If your bag gets saturated from a rain workout, pull out the internal bag afterwards and let both parts (inner bag and outer main bag) dry separately and out of direct sunlight.
  • Store your bag in a dry place

Taking Care of Yourself

It is easy to get overzealous when first working with a sandbag.

  • Stretch before using.
  • Start off slow and with minimal weight.
  • Ease into lunges, presses, and other potential strains on knees and shoulders.
  • When running or rucking, distribute weight evenly across shoulders for minimal stain on hips and lower back.

Workouts Tips

Most standard exercise movements can be replicated and enhanced with a sandbag. Here are just a few exercises that you can execute today to workout your arms, legs, shoulders, back, and core using the MudGear Sandbag

  • Deadlifts

    This simple exercise activates your hip extensors and strengthens the lower back to avoid pain.

    Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Maintain a straight back as you hinge at the hip, bend down and simply stand back up to lift a heavy ruck. Continue hinging at the hip to place the ruck on the ground and stand up with it again. Repeat for multiple reps.

  • Arm Curls

    One of the best ways to strengthen your arms and work your grip at the same time is with sandbag biceps curls. The length of the sandbag lets you work your biceps through a greater range of motion than dumbbells.

    Turn your sandbag sideways so that you can easily grab the top and bottom. Keep your body straight (don't rock) as you extend your arms and then curl them up to your chin. Add weight or reps to get those biceps burning.

  • Cleans

    A Sandbag Clean is a multi-muscle exercise that will stimulate the entire lower body as well as the core and even some of your upper body as well. It's considered to be a compound exercise, so is a great one for both building muscle strength as well as burning up calories quickly.

    SFrom a squat, use your legs to lift your ruck from the ground. As it gathers some momentum, explosively pull the bag upwards into a clench against your chest. Then extend your arms to place, drop, or throw the ruck to the ground. Repeat the process multiple times.

  • Lunges

    Start lunging to increase muscle mass, build up strength and tone your body - especially your core, glutes, and legs.

    Hold the bag firmly against your chest. Then, go from standing straight to stepping one foot forward and bending both legs so that one knee touches or nears the ground. Bring the front foot back so that both legs are in A straight standing position. Then, alternate the stepping leg while keeping your sandbag high on your torso.

  • Pulls

    Similar to an upright row, hold your sandbag at the top so that both hands are fairly close together. Lift your sandbag so that hands touch your chin or higher while standing straight and elbows are pointed out. Pulls help build bigger/stronger shoulders and traps.

  • Squats

    Squats are a great strength builder! You're going to feel this especially in your glutes and quads, but your core and back will get stronger too.

    Clean and press the sandbag overhead to a resting position against your shoulders. Then, with feet slightly turned out (about shoulder width apart), bend your knees and squat down. Drive the hips back upwards and return to standing. Don't cave. Keep your chest up, feet flat, and knees in-line with your feet.

  • Swings

    This is a ballistic exercise similar to a kettlebell swing. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Swing your sandbag up to shoulder height in front of your body and back down so that the sandbag swings back between legs. Swings are a full body exercise with emphasis on glutes, hips, and lower back.

  • Overhead Press

    Sandbag Overhead Press is fantastic for building upper body strength including shoulders, arms, upper back and chest. However to really understand this exercise the benefits go far beyond upper body strength. The overhead press requires the muscles of the entire body to work synergistically with one another.

    Use a clean method to lift the sandbag to your chest. Then, stand straight and extend your arms to lift the bag overhead. Return to the chest and repeat. For added stability, spread legs into a slight lunge.

  • Down Overhead Press

    Get ready to feel this everywhere - arms, abs, legs. It's also just a great way to build cardio endurance. Just remember to breathe!

    Lay your sandbag on the ground sideways so that you can grab its top with one hand and the bottom with the other. Pick the sandbag off the ground and extend it over your head and back to the earth. These reps should be fluid - with limited pauses or hard jolts. As you maneuver the sandbag over your head, be careful not to bend too far back.

  • Toss

    This has all of the value of cleans but with added chest and arm engagement during the throw. Throw further and step faster for increased intensity.

    Clean the sandbag to chest level, and toss it forward. Repeat multiple times.

  • Overhead Toss

    This has some of the motions of the deadlift, squat, clean, and even the kettlebell swing but keeps everything very tight to the body. It also forces you to use your core and upper body and not just the legs.

    Use legs and hips to toss the sandbag over your head while keeping your core tight. Tossing over the shoulder instead of overhead is a respectable variation.

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