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mudgear ocr compression shorts

MudGear Men's Elite-Fit Compression Shorts

Durable race and fitness shorts for confident men who value strength, speed, and efficiency.

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  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • Light, but durable
  • Water-wicking moisture control
  • Bold compression
  • Zipper back pocket 

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“I don't race in costumes. I go to work, and these shorts are my uniform. They show I'm fit and ready to fight.”

Product Description

Compression Race Shorts That Perform

It’s About Time!

This is the big one. The most popular requested item has also taken the longest to develop. It’s not that we were avoiding the issue. However, when you told us you wanted men’s compression shorts that live up to the MudGear name, we knew settling wasn’t an option. So, we asked elite runners and obstacle course racers about everything they love and hate about compression race shorts. We took notes, made some prototypes, sent them out, and were answered with a deafening call to, “Do better!” 

It was back to the drawing board until we could craft something simple, but sleek; comfortable, but durable; elite, but affordable. Finally, we delivered a pair of shorts born to crush FKTs. Set a fastest known time with MudGear Men's Elite-Fit Compression Shorts - the fastest shorts ever! 

Compression Obsession

So what’s the deal with compression shorts? Why are they a staple at elite obstacle course races and growing in popularity among both professional and amateur runners? As Running Insider explains, compression shorts benefit runners in various ways from increasing flexibility to reducing muscle fatigue and post-exercise soreness. However, not all compression shorts are the same. MudGear Men's Elite-Fit Compression Shorts provide support in all of the essential places while feeling minimalistic - like a second skin. 

Built for Speed

A major key to speed is efficiency. That’s why MudGear Men's Elite-Fit Compression Shorts sport zero wasted material. No bulky side pockets or awkward liner. These shorts are breathable and water-wicking to ensure they never sag or become baggy from unwanted water weight. The sleek and form-fitting, 4-way stretch material makes it less likely to snag on trees or obstacles. Instead, enjoy unmatched flexibility and aerodynamics.

The Confidence Factor 

We get it. Compression shorts aren’t for everyone. Similar to cycling shorts, compression race shorts require confidence that only comes from putting in the work and seeing the results. That doesn’t mean you have to feel exposed. First time wearers will learn that compression shorts are typically thicker than they realized. Plus, we strategically use 2 layers of fabric in the important areas. Still, it comes down to this. MudGear Men's Elite-Fit Compression Shorts help accomplished and aspiring athletes look and feel strong. You owe it to yourself! 

Extra, Extra…

Again, we’ve stripped these shorts of any unnecessary baggage. However, there are certain features that make up the new necessities. The casual drawstring provides a second line of defense against unwanted slippage. A zipper pocket on the back can stow essential nutrition for long, endurance events. Finally, in response to pain points expressed by experienced racers, MudGear Men's Elite-Fit Compression Shorts feature an added grip in the leg seam that helps keep the shorts from riding up your legs.

Good things come to those who wait! Now, experience the shorts that you, MudGear America, helped create. Introducing MudGear Men's Elite-Fit Compression Shorts - the fastest shorts ever!

Infographic of MudGear Men's Elite-Fit Compression Shorts

Product Features

Why Choose MudGear


What's the point of bells and whistles if they're slowing you down? That's why MudGear deliberately ignored all fashion fads that result in extra material, extra bulk, and extra water weight. Instead, we focused on efficiency. We didn't choose between working hard or working smart. We toiled obsessively to deliver the most efficient use of durable stretch fabric to ever toe the start line - with strategic compression for maximum strength, comfort, and durability.

Fit and Feel

Our Men's Elite-Fite Compression Shorts are sized by waist measurement. Wrap a measuring tape around your beltline, about 1 to 2 inches below your belly button. For reference, the size chart is the same as our Men's Flex Fit shorts.

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