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Men's Fitted Performance Shirt VX - Long Sleeve (Black)

Premium Men's Technical Tee. Highly Breathable And Moisture Wicking With Athletic Cut And Long Sleeves For Running And Training.

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  • Fitted athletic cut; long sleeves
  • Lightweight, highly breathable, and wicking
  • 4-way stretch performance meets toughness
  • Heavy-duty, flat-lock stitching
  • Extended trunk to eliminate ride-up

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“Fit and fast. This shirt makes me look the way I feel!”

Product Description


Reflecting on Experience

MudGear marked 10 years in business by reflecting on our greatest hits as voiced by you, MudGear Nation. For years, fans asked us to bring back our original Men’s Fitted and Loose Fit Performance Shirts. Everyone loved their look, feel, and durability. Unfortunately, supply chain issues and factory shakeups forced us to make some changes. Versions 2 & 3 were popular in their own right, but the demand for the original never quieted.


Finally, the stars aligned allowing us to introduce an enhanced encore of our most popular shirt. Introducing MudGear Men’s Fitted Performance Shirt vX. The X (ten) represents a decade of building the world’s toughest athletic apparel. This shirt embodies everything you loved about the original and more!

In the Beginning, There Was Mud

It was during our introduction to muddy Obstacle Course Racing in 2012 that we saw why so many elite racers go shirtless… because most shirts suck. We learned that cotton shirts got soggy in the mud, and gym shirts got shredded during barbed wire crawls. So, we set out to make a tougher performance shirt resilient enough to withstand outdoor race conditions and tough enough to help protect racers from the cuts, rope burns, and other injuries common in obstacle course racing. 

We knew we had to accomplish this while keeping the shirt light for optimal performance. That means light durable material that wicks water so not to get bogged down during a hot race. 

Premium Fabrics for Strong Construction

We engineered our shirts to achieve specific performance results for their breathability, moisture management, and abrasion resistance.  We designed an athletic cut profile that is optimized for athletic performance and comfort.  In layman's terms, our performance shirts aren't just durable. They look and feel great!

We Believe in Sleeves 

There's this crazy misconception that the fitter and tougher you are, the more skin you have to show. Newsflash; tough and smart aren't mutually exclusive qualities. That's why plenty of MudGear's most hardcore athletes whip out their VX-long sleeves on days when unnecessary exposure could lead to sunburn or frostbite. Like the rest of the shirt, the sleeves are fitted to never sag nor confine you.  

Making the Best BETTER

As mentioned, VX goes back to our roots to use the exact same fabric we used in our very first v1 performance shirt. The material provides a slightly less tight fit than V3; and the cut is slightly longer than v3, making it better for taller guys who complained of v3 midriffs. The vX also has noticeable and notable differences from previous models. You can tell a vX from previous renditions because the seams are now black instead of white stitching. Also, look for the modern MG logo on the bottom left hem.

Infographic of Men's Fitted Performance Shirt VX - Long Sleeve (Black)

Product Features

Why Choose MudGear


We don't think you should have to worry whether you look good in the middle of a workout or race. So, we designed a shirt that stays in place while giving you maximum flexibility. Whether your chiseled torso is the result of focused attention or the unintended aftermath of training hard, don't you dare hide it. The V10 lets you look as good and strong as you feel. You've earned this!

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