MudGear Quarter (¼) Crew Socks - Gray/Green (2 pair pack)
MudGear Quarter (¼) Crew Socks - Gray/Green (2 pair pack)
MudGear Quarter (¼) Crew Socks - Gray/Green (2 pair pack)
MudGear Quarter (¼) Crew Socks - Gray/Green (2 pair pack)
MudGear Quarter (¼) Crew Socks - Gray/Green (2 pair pack)
MudGear Quarter (¼) Crew Socks - Gray/Green (2 pair pack)
MudGear Quarter (¼) Crew Socks - Gray/Green (2 pair pack)
MudGear Quarter (¼) Crew Socks - Gray/Green (2 pair pack)
MudGear Quarter (¼) Crew Socks - Gray/Green (2 pair pack)
MudGear Quarter (¼) Crew Socks - Gray/Green (2 pair pack)
MudGear Quarter (¼) Crew Socks - Gray/Green (2 pair pack)
MudGear Quarter (¼) Crew Socks - Gray/Green (2 pair pack)

MudGear Quarter (¼) Crew Socks - Gray/Green (2 pair pack)

For Trail Running, Hiking, Mountain Biking, and Everyday Wear. Light and Comfortable With a High Ankle To Keep Out Debris.

MudGear Quarter (¼) Crew Socks - Gray/Green (2 pair pack) is Made in the USA
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  • Our most popular multi-use sock of all time!
  • Comfortable and close-fitting over-the-ankle style
  • Strong and durable - Made in the USA
  • Medium cushion footbed and supportive arch
  • Ventilated for cooling and moisture-wicking
  • 2 Pairs

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Product Description

Made Tougher, Like You.

In a world where socks were too soft...

In 2012, we fell deeply in love with Obstacle Course Racing.  It ripped us off the treadmill, out of our comfort zone, and unleashed us into the wild outdoors.  Events like Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, BattleFrog, and Savage Race tested us and our gear to the limits.  We learned that gym socks got soggy in the mud, and that most running socks were made for roads.

We set out to make a tougher trail running sock.  

MudGear was born to do what nobody else could do; make a performance sock resilient enough to withstand outdoor race conditions and tough enough to help protect racers from the course itself.

They Said It Couldn't Be Done - They Forgot About American Muscle

The American sock industry has a long history of quality engineering, but cheap labor gave rise to importing.  While others cut costs and cut corners, we knew the world's toughest and best socks should be designed and made in the USA.  Leveraging decades of experience with top brands, our designers are experts in the technology of performance sock construction.

Using Premium Yarns and Strong Construction

The difference comes from starting with American yarn blends that are chosen for their durability and comfort.  Next, we engineered our socks to achieve specific performance results for their ventilation, moisture management, and abrasion resistance.  We built in a medium level ankle compression to keep out dirt from the trail.  In layman's terms, our trail socks make your feet feel great.

And Tested In The Worst Conditions Possible 

Normal testing of running socks involves a simple abrasion test to see how quickly they show wear.  Our testing involves putting them on the world's top obstacle racers and trail runners for trips up and down mountains all day in all types of weather.  We test for wicking by fully submerging them in muddy water, and we test durability by ultra distance marathons.  

Through It All, We Were Made Tougher

Nobody said it was going to be easy.  We heard a lot of "it's not done that way" and "it's not practical".  But all the trials and trails made us tougher, and we're now proud to offer the toughest (and most comfortable) trail running sock on the planet. It also happens to be our go-to sock for training, Spartan Stadium Races, and everyday wear.

Infographic of MudGear Quarter (¼) Crew Socks - Gray/Green (2 pair pack)

Product Features

Why Choose MudGear

High Ankle Shield Keeps out dirt and rocks

The first thing you'll notice about these socks is the relatively high ankle that is tight enough to keep out dirt and rocks, but it's not a tight compression fit.  The footbed is soft and cushioned but not thick in a way that will soak up and hold water or mud.

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Bob P.

Awesome quality and fit!

My daughter-in-law is a guide in northern Minnesota. She is also a trail sock snob. Some years back, she gave me my first pair of Darn Tough socks, which I loved and have bought many pairs since. The elasticity in MudGear Trail Socks give them a little different feel (in a good way). The quality of these MudGear socks is superb, and at a very competitive price. These are my new go-to workout and trail socks.

Larry C.
United States United States

My Favorite Color & Sock

I've been competing in OCR for ten years and Mudgear socks have been the only socks I wear. Now they are in my favorite color. Proud to now be a Mudgear Ambassador.

Malko at MudGear MudGear Quarter (¼) Crew Socks - Gray/Green (2 pair pack) Review
United States United States

My experiences with MudGear

My experience with MudGear and with both their product, and the company, were awesome. I have purchased the 1/4 crew and the tall compression socks. I use the 1/4 crew for workouts and runs almost exclusively now because of the way they feel and protect, and the compression I use basically for OCR events to protect the shins, mostly from rope climbs. I recently used the compression socks at a Spartan event with temps close to 100 degrees, and thought they did great! When I first purchased the 1/4 crew socks I had a small issue with one sock, I contacted MudGear and they took care of me right away! It’s nice to deal with a company who take pride in their product and stand behind it! Thank you MudGear!

United States United States

Excellent sock for hiking

Did a 12 mile test today - no blisters! Planning to take them on the JMT this summer.

Bob G.
United States United States

OCR Socks

These socks are always awesome. Got a set for myself and a set for a friend. Super comfortable, no slipping on the foot and keeps debris out of them. Highly recommend!

James N.
United States United States

Great socks

Very comfortable. I have diabetic neuropathy and it minimizes my discomfort. Great quality product.....will buy more.

United States United States

My OCR Husband Loves these Socks!

He requested them for his birthday and now wants more for Christmas. He loves the fit, different color options, feel of them on his feet, and prefers them over other brands for racing.

Liam D.
United States United States

Quickest drying socks around

I'm a sweater (and a trail runner). These socks keep my feet dry like nothing else.